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Supporting the organization of the future

The organization of the future thinks big and runs fast. It rides on change and uncertainty, breaks silos down and builds communities up.
The vision of FutureWithPast is to ease the implementation of Agile Governance within any company, no matter its size or industry.

By re-configuring pre-existing apps from our catalog, the company saves both time and money, while increasing its flexibility compared with a typical activity management development.

Business experts work hand in hand with the FWP team and become self-sufficient on their management tools. Both working teams and management enjoy a new transparency and extended visibility.

FutureWithPast: an agile philosophy, plus the tools to implement it. Let us take care of your challenges*!

*Challenge: what keeps your mind busy negatively and cannot be solved by Excel-based solutions, project management tools or specific development.

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Let’s go further together and build the management center of the future

Whether you are an integrator and wish to expand your brand, an SME who wants to leverage a specialized app, or a major company with a growing leadership: let’s work together.