In your company, do you manage risk on your hardware and software depending on their MEHARI classification?  Do you delegate some of your responsibilities by team or division? Do you need to provide your computer park’s status on short order?

The Compliance app can help you save a substantial amount of time and money.  Let’s talk about it!

Compliance: main functions

A usage case: compliance by division in a major public company

Recipient: a multi-division public company with a clear separation of duties between divisions

Key Benefits of the solution: its capacity to manage the delegation of responsibilities by functions, by adopting the company structure, as well as its capacity to provide tracking by action history and compliance statistics per division

Combining management and steering – reports on security posture are emitted in real-time, at the desired granularity level: strategic (report to the Direction) or operational (task management)

The integration within a pre-existing IT system – automatic interaction with the staff database

FutureWithPast, your partner

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FutureWithPast eases the implementation of Agile Governance within any company, no matter its size or industry. By parametrizing pre-existing apps from our catalog, the company saves both time and money, while increasing its flexibility compared with typical activity management development. Business experts work hand in hand with the FWP team and become self-sufficient on their management tools.

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