What are your needs today?  Example apps ready to configure

Manage the security posture of your computer park


Checking in real time the security status of both your hardware and software computer fleet.

  • Management of standards
  • Personalized reports
  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Privacy



Ship products, gifts, samples


Managing your orders and any of your simple or complex deliveries, locally or internationally, in B2B or B2C

  • Multi-features by order
  • Layout and follow-up of the expeditions

For 5 years now, order management and distribution of pharmaceutical samples to 250,000 health professionals


Manage a complex elections process


Capturing your process and carrying it out

  • Use of your data and profiles
  • Agile capturing of a complex process
  • Simple and personalized voting screen
  • Results management

Preparation and execution in 4 weeks of a multi-college election at the board of directors of an NPO bringing together more than 100 delegations at a national level


Manage the allocation of activities and people


Automatically allocating intervention requests of different types with:

  • Traceability process
  • Alert management system
  • Dashboard

Since Year 2000, strategic management of the infrastructure and equipment maintenance, then of IT activities of public transportation infrastructures used by 4 million people daily


Exploit your innovation in new markets


Setting up for the long-term internationally or in new segments

  • Systematic steps of analysis and development

Since 2008, settlement in North America of 12 European companies following a 2- to 3-year process


FutureWithPast offers on-demand services and adaptive products

* A packaged app is defined by a product sheet in the FWP catalog : projects, equipment management, resource management, expeditions, orders, works, disasters, support, elections, etc.  The contractual terms are specified in the General Terms and Conditions.

Each app answers requirements determined in part by the size of the organization and its ecosystem. Each app also depends on the context; regulatory, industrial, services, administration, associations, etc. Personalization is a necessity to fit the needs and also to accelerate the implementation, with additional adapting to change in an agile way.

Explore solutions designed for your maturity and type of company

Manage your SME

SME Core

For every aspect of your operations

  • Managing the allocation of human and equipment resources
  • Visualizing your situation in real time
  • Forecasting your development

Since Year 2013, commercial management and logistics chain of a national small company which grew to medium-size with in 4 countries over 3 different continents 

Offer branded computing services to your customers


  • Personalizing an IT offer under your colours
  • Penetrating a market segment with an exclusive offer
  • Developing your own apps

Manage your national center


Synchronizing perspectives and harmonizing the perceptions of the different departments

  • Visualizing the situation in real time
  • Espousing your organizational structure
  • Capturing your specific processes
  • Interfacing with the existing tools

Since Year 2004, disaster management on 5,000 sites at a national scale.

The solutions adapt to your industry

Operate and grow in healthcare


  • Privacy management
  • Adaptation to the organic processes
  • Steering of the activities through a dashboard

Since Year 2014, financial management and steering of contracts of 2000 laboratories and thousands of research institutes in health sciences and others.

Manage and plan your IT department


Managing all the resources and activities of your IT department, as well as the hardware distributed in your company

  • Clear view of the responsibilities and allocations among the different departments
  • Access and security management
  • Follow-up of updates
  • Resource planning according to their availability, expertise and accreditations
  • Visualizing
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