Now that you are contemplating marketing your SME internationally across Europe and North America, are you wondering how to create an exploration and an operations transition phase to transform as needed and prepare a harmonious implementation?

The International Development app can help you save a significant amount of time and money. Let’s talk about it!

International development: main functions

A use case for International Development

The client : a French company selling software to major groups and to SMEs who wishes to develop its position in North America using a global and structured scheme.

The benefits of the solution: a capacity to develop leadership under uncertainty, starting from the base in terms of market knowledge, in order to progressively create the understanding of “how-to-become”.

Combining the management and the internationalization of the commercialization process of innovations makes it possible to create a mix of key factors of success in order to convince strategic partners, key clients and investors in a new market.

Integrating processes, budgets, resources, projects in a sequence that is both organic and matrix-based makes it possible to act or pre-act, and to simulate the steering of decisions and of the strategic plan by mixing points of view and ingredients: the management, a market integration strategy, targeted local partners, local investors…

The success: the global transformation of a very-French project into an international joint-venture (new identity, hybrid team, new philosophies, new markets, strategic integrators as partners, investors…) allowing larger ambitions, a better perception, and a boosted capacity of the project up to the level of the generated potential.

FutureWithPast, your partner

The organization of the future thinks big and runs fast. It rides on changes and uncertainty, breaks silos down and builds communities up.

FutureWithPast eases the implementation of Agile Governance within any company, no matter its size or industry. By parametrizing pre-existing apps from our catalog, the company saves both time and money, while increasing its flexibility compared with typical activity management development. Business experts work hand in hand with the FWP team and become self-sufficient on their management tools.

FutureWithPast: an agile philosophy, plus the tools to implement it. Let us take care of your challenges!